Rakhalraj Sarkar

     British reigned India for nearly two centuries. They did not want to spread education in masses for fear of resurgent movements. We know they had started compulsory elementary education in the year 1891 in their own country. Its hidden concept had broken in Bengal Partition of 1905. Inspired by Banga Bhanga, the people, particularly in our area ,thought of self reliance, the only path of their development and education was their only means.

     In British India Siddheswaritala Institution was one of the oldest in its category in Tehatta. There were no such institutions within 40 Km. of radius. Before century there were two upper primary schools (M.E.) in the locality, one at Krishnagar village and another at Shyamnagar village. People spearheaded by some intellectuals came forward to eschew the dark shadow of illiteracy in order to illuminate the area with a spark of knowledge. Remarkably they were Dr. Hemchandra Sarkar M.A., S.C.Mukherjee (District Magistrate), Ramchandra Banerjee (Asstt. Inspector of Schools , Presidency Division) and Rakhalraj Sarkar. Resolved with their immense spirit and advice , a meeting was held at Krishnagar near the terminal of Chakar Math under the presidentship of Ramchandra Banerjee that a new English High School should be established with the unification of two M.E. schools. Accordingly on 7th July in 1921 on the auspicious day of Holy Rathajatra of Sri Sri Jagannathdev, the school was inaugurated in the name of Siddheswaritala Institution. Foundation Stone was laid by Rakhalraj Sarkar, the eminent social worker of this area. A meeting was held on 23rd August,1923 , in presence of S.C. Basu Mallik , the SDO of Meherpur as president and Sri Sri Akhandananda Swami as Guest-in -Chief. Swamiji had pronounced in high & deep tone a message of welfare of the school amid hymn –“ it is assured that Siddheswaritala school must be realized on the will force of the masses”. Then adequate steps had taken to realize the aim.

     School temporarily started at the land of Bipradas Sarkar in some thatched rooms near Siddheswarimata Mandir. School collected 12 bighas of land from the Jeminder of Midnapur Company and after that more and more lands were collected. Now school owns about 30 bighas of land. School made two lakh of bricks from the money collected from different sources.
School got its first affiliation from the Senate of Calcutta University as class ten high school in the year 1925. In the next year Anukul Chandra Das passed Matriculation Examination in First Division out of six students sent for the same. In the year 1927 three students had been sent to Matriculation Examinatio, Krishnaprasanna Biswas placed in the First Division. Later on innumerable students appeared at the examination and succeeded not only in the field of education but also in different aspects of life. Some of them were established in East Pakistan.

     The brick-built room was first started on 7th July ,1926. Rakhalraj Sarkar laid foundation of seven spacious room along with a hall which has later on been dedicated in the name of Rakhalraj Memorial Hall after his demise. The construction was in slow motion due to financial hamstring and ended on 1935. It was an arduous task to carry out infra-structural development in British India.

     In post -independence , the development has been to some extent augmented. In 1956 , a corridor of 190ft./8ft. was built in front of those rooms with an expenditure of rupees five thousand. In the next year , a big pond was built with an amount of rupees forty thousand aided by Govt. Test Relief. In the meantime a hostel consisting of six rooms was constructed with Govt. aid and public donation. School has been up-graded to Class XI Higher Secondary in the year 1965. A Gymnasium was made in the year 1966 with Govt aid. Two rooms were constructed by the donation of Dr.Manimohan Sarkar , B.A. ,M.Sc. , M.B. , D.P.H. , D.T.M. (Calcutta ), D.P.H.(London) and Manojmohan Sarkar in the year 1970. A swimming platform was built in school pond in 1971 from govt aid. School has been up-graded to Class XII H.S . Section with Science ,Arts and Commerce stream in the year 1976. School Library has been enriched with thousands of books including Journals and reference books. School has introduced a beautiful Computer section in the year 2004 with aid and advice of Dr.Asoke Kr. Datta MRCP (England) , the Ex- student of the Institution. He has also established a splendid example by contributing several lakhs of Indian currency for school’s infra-structural development.

     The role of Siddheswaritala Institution in the field of curricular and extra-curricular activities in Tehatta is beyond compare. The utmost effort, self sacrifice and indomitable spirit of work of many of the noble hearted people were the basis of advancement of the school. Many of the local people who were aversed to recognition to their work, inherently associated with the Institution and worked silently for development. They will remain forever as a deserving men having highest admiration and gratification to the countless students and persons interested in education. Some of the competent teachers who served the institution with great devotion and dedication, remarkably they were : Shibprasad Biswas , Manomohan Biswas , Aswini Kr. Ghosh , Shyamapada Mandal , Sachinandan Kabyatirtha , Basanta Sarkar, Purnachandra Biswas , Balaram Chandra Das, Saradindu Biswas , Jatindranath Biswas , Jitendranath Biswas , Arun Kr.Ganguli , Saradindu Biswas , Nripendranath Biswas , Suhas Kr. Biswas , Pranab Bid, Subodh Kr.Sarkar , Sudhir Kr.Das , Amiya Nimai Sarkar and Sudam Sakha Biswas. We could not forget the dedication of Anath Bandhu Mandal , Asit Kr.Biswas , Sakti Kumar Biswas, Haradhan Kundu and Gopal Chandra Ghosh as Non-Teaching staff of the Institution. We firmly believe ,Siddheswaritala Institution , the parent school of this region , will go eternally for advancement of learning.